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Polyurea Spraying, warming foam coating of roof, focus on wall.

Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation, LLC is a family business that provides the community in North East Texas, with exceptional insulation products and installation services. 

By equipping your home with high-quality insulation, our goal is to provide your home with energy savings and a breath of fresh air (literally). From our family to yours.

About Tri-Lakes Spray Foam
Insulation, LLC: Our Story

Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation, LLC has been proud to serve its community in North East Texas over the years. We’ve been grateful to gather a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years working with our clients.

The founder of Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation, Greg Boles, began this business with the goal of making homes and properties a better, comfier place for his clients. That’s why he is dedicated to perfecting his craft, installing superior products, and providing fantastic service for his customers. 

Boles is wholly committed to serving his friends and neighbors around North East Texas. He and his family have enjoyed living in this area for over 30+ years. If you’re a resident, you may even be familiar with Boles’s other business, Vaughn’s Catfish on the beautiful Lake Bob Sandlin.

Why Choose Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation, LLC

Boles and his team at Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation, LLC are dedicated to providing you with a home that you’re comfortable in. 

Unfortunately, there are contractors out there that won’t follow through on promises. In this industry, we’ve seen it happen where an insulation technician will guarantee a specific price and result, and then the customer is left hanging. Either they overpay, or they’re left with shoddy work. 

spray foam

Don’t let a low price tag fool you. Sometimes it’s worth the initial investment to set something as important as insulation up right the first time. And with a job well done, you’ll be grateful in the long run. Not to mention, our prices at Tri-Lake Spray Foam are competitive and reasonable. 

To reassure you, our founder, Boles is a man of his word. 

If he says he’s going to do something, he’s all in. From small repairs to a complete insulation installation– Boles and our team at Tri-Lakes will go above and beyond to deliver you the exceptional results your home deserves.

Closed cell spray foam insulation on metal building

The Good Stuff: Cost Savings on Energy Bills

Save up to 75% on New Home Energy Costs & Up to 50% on Existing Homes.

Even though insulation can usually be found tucked behind your walls or covering the exterior of a metal workshop– it plays a very important role in the building’s atmosphere. And not to mention, when done well, insulation can save you a lot of money on energy bills. 

In fact, experts say that effectively installed insulation can save homeowners a whopping 30-50% on their energy bills. Now, that’s a worthwhile investment!

Our spray foam product is a powerful insulator that expands once applied. This insulation creates a blockade against air escaping out from your home through air gaps in older forms of insulation. This creates an airtight envelope, keeping your home at your desired temperature.

This airtight envelope will allow your home to stay cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. It will also regulate the pressure inside your home. 

Who doesn’t want to cut costs on energy bills and enjoy a cozier home? Let Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation show you what’s possible with expertly installed spray foam insulation.

spray ifoam on the wall
Polyurea Spraying, warming foam coating of roof, focus on wall.

Tri-Lakes: The Best Insulators in North East Texas.

If you’re ready to slash your energy bills and enjoy fresh air circulating in your home, it’s time to invest in expert insulation installation. Let Tri-Lakes Spray Foam Insulation, LLC take care of all your insulation needs. Our team is committed to providing you with the best insulation services in the North East Texas region. No matter what type of project you’re considering– our team is ready to help. 

Our team of insulation experts will be happy to help you find the best spray foam insulation solution for your home. Contact us today to learn more.